Dell Chromebook Hopes: 1:1 district moves forward from Asus Tablets (the student look)

At CHS only freshman currently have Dell Chromebooks. This is all about to change this year. I wanted to say something about it… voice my opinion. All classes  will be receiving chromebooks this year. Our district is starting to move forward in our 1:1 initiative finally with something more efficient. 

This is such an improvement!! We had to use tiny Asus transformer tablets previously. These were hard to type on, work on, and do anything on really. I’m so thrilled to move on from Asus. Sorry Asus, you weren’t very pleasing. This tablet is NOT for in school use although it seems like it. THE district listened to students and knew something had to change. We HATED those tablets! We thought Asus was everything as a district at first….. not the case at all. Let’s talk a little bit about my favorite technical specs between the Asus transformer and Dell chromebook. BTW- by no means am I a technical expert. Just hear me out. 

Asus transformer tablet 

The Asus transformer tablet has a screen size of about 10.1 inches. The Dell Chromebook screen size is about 11.6 inches. The size of the keyboards on both devices are not to be found anywhere….. but…. the keyboard is bigger on the Dell Chromebook. The processor is also better on the Dell Chromebook!! These are all pluses for us as juniors. The screen size will make getting work done more faster and efficient. Most of our textbooks are online… with the Asus tablet the screen was so small you could barely stand to do math homework off of it. Now having a Dell Chromebook we have a bigger display so we won’t have to worry about that. I’ve talked to freshman class peers about their Chromebooks and they having nothing negative to say about them. If they were to say anything… it would be about the fact that Dell Chromebook screens  don’t detach from the keyboard like the Asus transformer tablet does. We can get over that! We are all happy that the Dell Chromebook still carry’s the touch screen capability tho. Students are hoping for a more innovative and efficient approach to 1:1 use in the classroom. We hope Dell chromebooks will bring us just that. 

More on this later! Stay tuned! 


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