Don’t ask! Just DO! How DOING can save your efforts as a leader.

Before you read this…Please open your mind to something new.

I know exactly what it’s like to be under an administration that says no to almost EVERY innovative, motivating, positive, or encouraging idea I or someone else may have that would benefit educators and students and my school. It seems like there is always something admins have to say to bog something down. I and other leaders (including educators) at CHS, where I go to high school, have brought countless ideas to administration. Honestly, I feel like our administration is in a “this could somehow hurt us even though it sounds amazing” mindset. Often I wonder, “Where would we be if they weren’t in this mindset?” The question that we as leaders face now is – how do we make a change when admins think within this mindset? I have a solution. It is simply that we sometimes don’t need to ask about our ideas… we just have to DO them. Whew…. I love this. Let’s get into it in depth:

 WHAT YOU MIGHT THINK: “So you’re telling me to do something when my boss said no?”

YES, I am. If you feel in your gut that your idea is going to make an impactful change, go ahead. Now, you do face risks by doing this. You could be fired, let go, put on leave, etc. As leaders/educators, should we be worried about that if we know our idea is going to be the next big think towards the impact of change? Personally, as a student leader, I have followed through with my ideas without asking admin permission multiple times. I find it very interesting that most of the time, admins notice the HUGE impact of my idea after it has been done without their permission. WHY is this? I still have yet to understand it. Admins reading this: You probably are thinking, “This kid is being disrespectful towards authority!” I disagree. I just want CHANGE. I cannot have or see change with you saying no over and over again. “We can no longer talk about it, we must be about it,” said Elementary Principal Leigh Ragsdale. Student leaders and educators that facilitate ideas should be back to back with their school administrators. WE should know that our admins will do anything possible to agree with our ideas (that will bring amazing changes or shifts) at ALL times! We should not fear going into our admins offices to ask them if we can do something. Just ask yourself this: “Where would we be at if this was implemented right now?”

WHAT YOU MIGHT THINK: “I don’t know about this…… I always have to ask permission first.”

My question back to you is this:


Let me answer that: WE DON’T

If you are truly wanting change, you will do anything to make it happen. Even if that does mean going over a no.

Final words from me:

I want to go on more and more about this. I think I have made my point. Educators, leaders: sometimes we have to DO instead of asking. 


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